Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nothing Is Ever As Easy As It Looks

It's amazing to me how things spiral out of control so quickly - and it tends to happen to me a lot.  Perhaps it's only because I don't have my GOB Certification, but I think there's more to it than that.  At least I HOPE so. Recently, in preparation for the annual onslaught of visitors for Thanksgiving, we decided that a few vents in the house were just a bit old and tired and thus, in need of replacement.  

Being the Southern  Handyman Wannabe that I am, this is the kind of project that I can get into. I mean, on the surface, it seems so simple. Quick trip to the Big Hardware Store...pull out the old vent cover, put in the new one. This is something even my All-thumbs Brother Bubba could handle. And yet....

So, I find myself down in the laundry room, getting ready to replace the last vent cover.  Reaching behind the washer, using a slot screwdriver, I attempt to take out the old screws. 

OH, not so fast there, says Mr. Murphy.  It seems that the old slot style screwdriver won't say in place and using it at this odd angle will wear out your arm and no amount of creative cursing will fix that.  Ok, so I'm going to have to move the washer.  Washer moved. Screws pulled out - and I'm clever enough to have a PHILLIPS Screwdriver to put in the new vent! I'm almost done!

OH, not so fast there, says Mr. Murphy.  It seems that the NEW vent cover has holes that do not line up with the old vent cover's holes!  This means I have to head out to the tool pile to dig out the drill and a drill bit for the new screws.  Then I have to line up the new vent cover and make sure that the holes are right. 

OH, not so fast there says Mr. Murphy.  It appears that the old vent has a deeper stance. This means that all the vent sides folded over have to be flattened so that the new vent cover will fit flat against the wall.  Back out to the tool area, and back with the hammer.  Get all the edges nice and flat, so that the new vent cover fits. Mr. Murphy just needs to be dealt with properly.

Mr. Murphy is duck taped to the side of the dryer, and I can now take my time getting the new vent cover installed.  Tools picked up, washer moved back into place and Mr. Murphy has been 'de-taped' from the side of the dryer and chased off until the next time. 

Replace the vent cover? Easy peasy...yeah, right!  It's never as easy as it looks.


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