Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Late Night Blue Light Special

When I was a young lad, growing up in the snowy Rocky Mountains, I learned to drive on both city streets and snowy mountain roads.  One of the more important things we learned in Driver's Ed class is that the Snowy Colorado Roads are patrolled by snow plows. Ok, only during the winter, (obviuosly..we don't have snow plows out running the roads in the sunny summers) but it was important to know because one had to learn to yield to these behemoths of the roads so that the snow could be kept constantly plowed. Snow plows always have the right of way...or something like that. The mountain roads and highways are fairly festooned with signs that remind us "Blue Light Means Snow Plow." 

You can imagine my thoughts when I first came to the state of Tennessee when I was out driving along the highway, minding my own business late one night, when what should appear in my rear view window, but a set of blue pulsing lights.  And true to my training, I pulled to the right, and waved them around me. 

At that point, I learned two things.  One: The Tennessee State Patrol has blue lights on the top of their patrol vehicles; and Two: They tend to frown heavily when they turn on their Official Blue Pulsing Lights and all you do is slow down and wave them around.  

You  can also imagine my surprise when the 'snow plow' behind me turned on a siren.  
When all was said and done, more was said than done.  I didn't end up behind bars, nor did I get a ticket; but I did get a stern and lengthy lecture on Tennessee State Patrol vehicles blue lights, and what to do in Tennessee when they appear behind you. 

Lesson learned. 

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