Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Didn't See You There - Christmas Edition

Well, it's Christmastime in the south and I came across this bad boy and I'm a bit ker-flumoxed.  I totally understand the whole Stocking thing, but the camouflage just eludes me.  What if Santa doesn't see it?  What if you can't find it on Christmas morning?  

Ok, I joke, I chide and in fact, I really like this kind of decoration.  It's not red and green and it's not gold or blue.    It's the color and design of someone who loves hunting.  Or wait, maybe they just like Camouflage?  Yes, I think that IS the ticket.   Seriously, there are more designs of Christmas Stockings than you can shake a Yule Log at, so why not a nice design that makes you feel good?  You want Hooters Girls? Go for it!  You want Crimson Tide? Why not?  You want Camouflage?  It's right there for you!  (Hey, seriously  I found this near to home.  If you want one, let me know...) 

And in fact, here is the actual front of the thing, I turned it over to see the back and took the top pic.  Gotta love the 'leather' there at the top, with the 'embossed' deer emblem.  Yes, Christmas in the South.  Camouflaged...It's a southern thing.  

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