Thursday, August 25, 2011

Invention Intervention - The Flower Vase

When I'm looking for things to include in this blog, I am always surprised at both the simplicity of the inventions and the additions.

Take this one for example. First, our Suthun Inventor has taken a simple plastic jug and turned it into a flower vase. In so doing, he has left the label on the jug for either decorative purposes or perhaps because... ok, I got to admit, I don't' know any other reason to leave the label on. In most houses, flower vases seem to multiply faster than wire hangers get tangled, but maybe that's just I was raised in the Wayust. (West....sorry, my accent seems to get stronger when I type.)

Now, to the credit of this particular Suthun Inventor, we also note the fact that he has taken a sticky note and labeled the 'flower' itself. Perhaps this is why the label has been left on the jug, to complete the theme: Labeled Flower, labeled Jug.

Simple. Brilliant. Southern.

Welcome to the South. Put them flares in a jug and get yerself a beer from the fridge.

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