Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ryman Auditorium

As my 58' limo (regular readers know I take the bus...) makes its way toward work in downtown Nashville, we pass by many venerable locations recognized within the Nashville Music Community. NONE is more sacred to this scene than the Ryman Auditorium. (See Above.)

It's surprising to the Non Suthunah to learn that this is the absolute Epicenter of Country Music in Nashville. It is also surprising to learn that the Ryman started out as a church, built by one Thomas Ryman for the express purpose of spreading the teachings of one Reverend Samual P. Jones. Originally called the Union Gospel Tabernacle, the building to this day resembles a big church.

Throughout its storied history the stage has been rebuilt, performers have performed and preachers have preached; presidents have used the stage for speeches, lectures by notables such as Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplan Nothing in its history is more important, however, than June 5th, 1943 when the Grand Old Opry moved to the Ryman Stage where it will stay for more than 25 years.

Renovated many times, and now a fantastic venue once again for speeches, lectures and performances by Country Artists and Idol Winners, the Ryman continues to be a storied building in the heart of Nashville's downtown.

Now comes the information that only a local suthunah would know. What you see above? Yeah, that's the Ryman....the original front entrance. however it is not the current entrance. Many years back they got the great idea to renovate and add a new entrance, on the back. Here it is:

It's almost like a totally different building. So, when you come to visit, and want to view the place, go look at the front for it's beautiful 17th Century Architecture. Want to see a concert? Go to the back..or is that now the front? It's just one of those little things that makes the South Fun and interesting.

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