Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Invention Intervention - The Shopping Bike

I like this guy. He's a true suthunah. Unconventional thinking coupled with a broken bike and a stolen abandoned (and yet workable) shopping cart. My brother Bubba would have been able to fix that bike, but this Suthun Genelman has done him one bettah!

As you can see by the cargo pants and flip-flop shoes, he's just headed down to Walmart for a quick visit. I can see him shooting through the vegetables and grabbing those six packs he needs before the half time is over. (Yes, I am familiar enough with sports to know that it's not football season but decided the visual works better than '...before the end of Iron Chef.")

I did not get close enough to see if the bike is just resting on its front forks or if it's welded or even bolted in place. I'm also amazed to see that this cart does not have the ubiquitous 'wonky' wheel that most shopping carts are designed burdened with. Either way, this is a great invention. (Until, perhaps you hit a little rock. We all know those carts don't go over bumps well...)

Perhaps now we need a "Speed Lane" in the grocery store beside the "fast lane." Anyway, Welcome to the South!

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