Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Southern Women's Show

This last weekend was the annual Southern Women's Show, here in Nashville. They have several of these special "women's" events across the south every year. I've never gone to this event mainly because I am not a woman, but also becuase I've yet to feel that I am really SUTHUN. My wife and I have talked about this, and we can't really figure out what the show is for. WHat does one learn or SEE at these 'shows'?

From the title, one might expect that the information gleaned from the seminars and displays can help the truley Suthun Woman to be ...well...more Suthun. So, what kind of displays and information would you expect?

Could it be that you can learn how to use Duct Tape as pasties?

Can you find out more information on what to do when you find you're the last one at a party and no one left to help clean up?

Or finally, with the constant use of new materials and color schemes for weddings, a southern woman might want to know how to choose the proper colors so that one does not blend in with the suroundings.

...What is that kid looking at that would give him that expression?

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