Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Suthunah and Technology

When you think of the South, you probably think of Nascar as being the most technological thing in their (our?) realm. Suthunahz (someday I may have to find a standard spelling for that...but I digress...) Suthunahz aren't wary of technology, they are more concerned with the quality of life than with the quality of their TV. Because of that, the Suthunah is looked upon as a backward ignoramus.

We know better, now don't we..
To the Suthunah, getting there is more important than the electronic doohickey that gets you there. Directions written out are the original GPS without the S. (Look it up...)

And while we're at it, how about the Original Suthun Palm Pilot...
The other thing that the Suthunah does is laugh. All my Southern friends and neighbors will look at these and laugh, because along with their laid back sensibilities, they have a great sense of humor about life and themselves. I'm sure they tell jokes about their displaced Suthun-wannabe-neighbor (ME) too.

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