Monday, January 11, 2010

High Tech Redneck

Don't you just hate that? I had written up a great entry for this blog and then saved it on my flash drive. I then decided to do some re-organization of my backups for this same drive and somehow deleted it. I am kicking myself all over the room!

I am a computer tech by trade. I spend my days answering questions on computers and working to keep computers running. I know all about drives and backups and can repair most computers with one hand tied behind my back. So you can imagine how much this really irritates me. The most irritating thing is that I have to listen to a co-worker rattle on how to keep from deleting files in the future. (Yes, Yes, I know all this, but he has to go on and on about it.)

My co-worker is a real suthunah... let's call him Bubba. (not that this is his name, I just like the name Bubba and it seems to fit and since this is my blog, Bubba it is!) Bubba is what I refer to as the High Tech Redneck Suthunah. Not only is he a computer tech, but he's one of those guys who has to get the newest gadget when it comes out.

He's got an Iphone, and has all the services for it. (He's even got an ap which will make sounds like a Star Wars Light Saber when you move it around!) He's got a big portable drive on which he keeps all his movies, in both regular and Iphone format. At home he's got a wireless network for both his computers (his entire family's computers) and his gaming boxes, and he carries a laptop with a cellular connection. If he could find a way to connect his computer to his Harley and be able to get to his files at home AND at the office while riding in the Smokey Mountains, I'm sure he'd be the one to do it. (In fact, he may have done it already and just not told me about it!)

You see, most people think of being suthun as being backward, or behind the times. I've mentioned this before. Everyone thinks that it's sweet tea and honeysuckle vines and the thought of The South having a wireless remote for the TV is as foreign as Blintzes and Borscht. Bubba puts those thoughts in the ground with his Blue Tooth headsets (yes, plural, as he has one set for home and another for the office and another for riding on the aforementioned Harley.) High Tech is not a Northern affectation.

So, welcome to the New South, with it's crossover artists and it's High Tech Gentlemen like Bubba. Me, I'll just be over here whittling me a new thumb drive...maybe one that won't let me delete important blog entries again.

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  1. If you would have listened to my rattlings you would not have had this problem, now would you.