Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walking out to get the mail.

When I lived 'elsewhere' (Colorado) my house had a mail slot. Mail was delivered to the house and slipped into this slot and the mail fell into the house. Our mail slot was behind the door (not in the door) so mail actually piled up behind the door and didn't prevent it from opening like others can.

Here in the south, the mail is delivered to a box. Usually this box is located on the street. So, depending on how long your driveway is, this can be a nice walk every day. Now, for one reason or another (read: bored teenagers with beer) these mail boxes seem to be the target of agression and end up being knocked down now and again. How the Suthunah fixes this damage is what I would like to share today.

This guy got tired of buying those expensive metal mailboxes down at the Home Depot and used this bucket. YOu can see that the lid has been hinged across the center which give it a nice closure AND keep mail from sliding out when it's opened. (The angle keeps rain from collecting in the plastic interior.

This guy went one better and at least used a bucket with a hinged lid. Heck, everyone knows it's for mail, so why even take off the label!

Here's another one where they got tired of buying new boxes, but this guy used a metal can. I like the way the rust gives it a nice 'antique' finish which blends in with the surounding countryside.

I think this guy just got tired of replacing the post on which the mailbox sits. He's got a nice rig here, with just enough weight to keep it from being blown over.

I think this guy got tired of replacing the base, and just hooked the box to the side of the post using some baling wire.

And of course, there is the 'double duty' of using something else entirely to hold your mail box, like a non-working washer AND dryer:

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