Monday, July 20, 2009

This Southern Life - Ingenuity at it's Finest

One of the things which sets Suthunahs aside from the rest of the world is the CAN DO spirit. It's the idea that we can do what we want, regardless of convention or accepted standards. If I want to go to town by using my riding lawn mower, then I'll see you on the highway. If I want to wear overalls to dinner, then by golly that's what you'll see. And there's this guy who, for some strange reason, decided that he needed to go camping in the middle of the city in which he lives.

Now, that is not the real interesting part of this photo. The most important part is that although he wanted to camp out, he didn't want to put up with all that humidity. So, he ran a long extension cord and plugged in small air conditioning unit. Positioned up on top of a cooler there at the back of the tent, I can imagine that this good 0l' boy was sleeping soundly - and cooly - all night.

Ingenuity. Makes the South great.

Now wait a min. Let's take a closer look at this picture. I'm also noting that there at the front (?) of the tent is most assuredly a cigarette disposal container like we have in front of our office. What on earth is that doing there? Could it be that this guy borrowed the tent from his sister who asked that he not smoke in the tent? Ok, that's possible, but why not just get an ashtray? or a coffee can? He goes out and gets an expensive container capable of holding several HUNDRED cigarette butts. Now THAT's a nice guy!

No matter how long I live here in the South, I love seeing stuff like this. It proves that the South is just a bit better than the rest of the world.

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