Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Southern Multitasking

There are two great things about this picture. First is the fine work done by attaching the old grocery cart to the lawn mower and second is the use of the 2 x 4's in hooking up the groceries to the cart.

Now, I won't go into the thought that with the money spent on the lawn mower, he could have easily purchased a good used car, but this is another of those SUTHUN things that one-must-attain-above-all-else: the Riding Lawn Mower. (I want one real bad!) And it's not some junker, either. This thing is near new, clean and even the hubs are still bright yellow. I can be fairly sure that this thing cost more than my first car! (and that was new in 1971! LOL)

The last thought I have is how did the old lady get in? Was she lifted in or is there a set of steps made out of cinder blocks and bait buckets waiting at home? I can't see Bubba there lifting her up and into the cart, and I can't see her being bodily picked up and deposited on whatever it is she's sitting on, so I'm going to go with the Cinder Block Steps, or a nice high porch that he could pull up to and she merely steps it to the cart.

Yeah, the porch idea takes less planning..and after all that work on the cart, I'm pretty sure he's be glad for even less planning.

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