Friday, January 27, 2017

What's a Little Change Between Friends

As I wander around the vast Southern Landscape (yes, I'm poetic today - get over it.) there are so many things that I do so love and love to spout off about, but this week, I'm going to delve into a little offhand something that sort of peaks my interest.

Backstory [no popcorn needed]:  I ride the bus to work.  Regular readers know this, but it's important to the story so I thought I'd reiterate it yet again. Now, I use a bus pass provided by the state (thanks, governor!) It's hard plastic like a credit card and allows me two uses a day, on days I work of course.  Most other people either pay with cash or they buy electronic cards like the ones you see above. They are printed on card stock paper and you can buy a package of rides, or just one or two and have them all on one card.  People who pay cash and don't have exact change, receive their change on one of these cards.

There's where this all comes together.

Just the other day, as I got on the bus to go home, I looked to my left and there on the seat beside me were TWO of these change cards.  30 cents each. I find these every so often, and each time I do, I wonder at our current state of affairs in which 30 cents can be so casually tossed away.  I mean, if these folks had a quarter and a nickel in their hand, would they toss it out so easily?   Probably not. But a card with 30 cents, spend- able only on a bus ride?  Yeah, toss it aside.  But wait...suppose you ride the bus regularly, and may need that 30 cents?  Now we're talking oddness of the highest order. 

It's ok for me, though.  Now, I know what you're thinking, if I have a bus pass, why pick these up?  The bus driver goes through the bus every day and is mandated to pick up anything left and either a) toss it in the trash or b) take to lost and found.  Cards such as those above fall into the 'A' category.  So, I collect them up and keep them handy for when some one gets on the bus one day and is just a few cents short. I just pass them one of these cards.  

It's a win/win for all involved,. They get on the bus, I feel good, and the driver doesn't have to toss it out. 
All in a day work - no wait, a days RIDE - here in the South.

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