Thursday, September 18, 2014

Marv Returns to Write Another Day

12 ft. Sheets of drywall, not as easy as it sounds...
I'm getting to the point where I hate to go home.  I'm having to work on the house every free moment and when I'm not working on the house, I'm thinking about working on the house, thinking about the next part of the project, thinking about the cost, planning what tools I will need (and where I might have left them) along with the ever present "Did I get THEM all?" (Meaning, of course, the termites.)

As you can see, the floor has been replaced, along with 10 of the floor joists. (My neighbor, the retired construction worker helped with all that.) I've replaced many of the wall studs, and replaced the insulation.  I've added a couple of new outlets, fixed the outside walls and am beginning work on the drywall.  The work is getting done, but it's really taking a toll.

Such a toll, in fact, that I ended up spending the night in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer.  Not fun, and it also forced me to spend a couple of weeks not doing anything on the house. I just sit here staring at the plastic covering the room, remembering the half done drywall and trying not to think of all the little things that are not getting done. Double Not Fun.

So, to keep myself from ending up in the hospital again, or from slamming my head face first into the side of the bus on the way home from work, I've decided that I will (read: must) get back to The Marvinators Place and put down some decidedly non-termite related blog posts, digressions and all. 

I can tell that this puts you all in a quiver.
I promise not to digress (much) and give my retired English-teacher brother Bubba some much needed practice in correcting my Its and It's.  See you next week!

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