Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Southern Idioms and Weather Predictions

A lot of people have clicked on my little blog post about the use of the word "Y'all". It got me to thinking of some of the other phrases and words used by Southerners that the rest of the world may not.  So, I am starting to search for these.  If you want to send me one you know of, click here..

This first one, is a phrase that comes from a woman I knew who grew up in Georgia. (No, not eastern Europe, the state in the South!)  It's the phrase "She's a-comin' up a cloud.."

What's it mean, Marv?  Well, when looking into the sky, one can tell when the clouds indicate that a storm is on the horizon and headed your way.  These clouds are the indicators, and the phrase speaks of them.  Who the 'SHE' refers to is probably Mother Nature, but with a Southerner you just don't know for sure.

So the next time you are out discussing the weather, you might notice the accumulated dark clouds and calmly remark to your assembled friends "Looky yonder, y'all; she's a comin' up a cloud."

If they look at you like you're grown a 2nd head, don't blame me.

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