Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Silver Savior - the Rear View Mirror

Once again we are drawn to the ingenuity of the Southern Inventor and Repairman.  Here is the situation:  We've all been there.  The rear view mirror has come loose.  Now, back when I was a younger man, I would probably have searched high and low for a special glue made to glue the mirror back to the windshield.  I'm sure it exists.  After all, what did they use to stick it up there to begin with?

But the Suthun Man is not so foolish as to waste his time seeking adhesive gels which may or may not exist.  He's already got the 8th wonder of the world right there in the tool box.  That most Silver of Saviours (yes, the European spelling if you please) DUCK TAPE. (I hear some of you out there saying that it should be DUCT tape, but that is just not so.)

Our Suthun Repair Man (woman?  Can there be a Suthun Woman with repair skills of this level?) has taken his roll of Duck Tape and used it to put the mirror back in place.  Since he has no way of securing the mirror to the windshield, he's secured it to the Sun Visors!  Enough to hold it in place...along with a little more to make sure it doesn't hit the GPS device...and  he (or she) is set.

My only question here is what do you do when someone gets in the car who needs to re-position the mirror?    I can only guess that there is a roll of Silver Goodness in the glove box.  All good cars and trucks in the south come so equipped.  Well....they should.

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