Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Snow is Gone!

Though it can hardly be expected to remain gone, the snow which vexed so much of the South has fled. Temperatures in the 50's overnight have caused all the snow within site of my homestead to be melted and gone. Huzzah. And I repeat: Huzzah.

With the onset of an early spring (ok, so maybe just for a week or so, but it is gone) the climbing temperatures have caused the Suthun Man to contemplate his existence, to compare himself, as it were, to Dante or perhaps Hercules....or maybe he just needs to get something gas fueled out and ride around the neighborhood.

Enter the first love of the Suthun Male: the Three Wheeler. I'm not sure exactly what causes this particular number of wheels to be chosen or to be coveted in such manner. It's just a smallish motorcycle with only 3 wheels (though sometimes 4, and known as an ATV or All Terrain Vehicle) and is usually not street legal. Do I have to spell this out?

Yes, not street legal - the Suthunah - means allow your young spawn to ride around the neighborhood on it for hours. Imagine someone with a chainsaw walking by your window every few minutes for 6 hours. Yes, that often. Kids (and yes, many grown ups) love these things. Though I'm not sure why. They can't go out on the highway, or even the local roads so you can't take it to work. You could use it to go hunting but that motor would scare off any game within a hundred miles.

It should come as no surprise that I don't own one of these, mainly because, unlike my mattock (with the neigh indestructible handle) I can't really see a need for such a thing. Perhaps if someone attached a mower blade to it I could get my lawn done in record time, but until then, well, I'll just study them a bit more.

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