Sunday, November 1, 2009

Suthun Engineering - Not as Bad as it Sounds.

Perhaps it is my new Suthun background that causes me to be so impressed by these marvels of invention. In today's economy, it's amazing to see how some suthunah can do some suthun engineering without the need for lots of money or equipment. Usually a few nails and some duck tape are enough.

Take this fine Suthun Engineer:

Need to move a cow? No need for fancy cattle hauler, or even a pick up truck. A handful of nails and some 2 x 4's and some netting and you've got yourself a cattle hauler. (I would hope that cow is smaller than average, or those shocks are better than average!)

Or even making small repairs and improvements. Here is a Suthun Engineer who needed to repair/replace a window on his van. Using a standard wood window and some expanding foam he had handy he's ready for the road. No need to trim down the foam or paint the window as this allows the average passerby to know exactly what was done to create this fine automotive specimen. (This engineer didn't even wipe off the excess foam that dribbled down the side of the van!)

Much in the same way that this is my favorite example of Suthun Engineering. It's the perfect example of what you can do with a few tools and a bit of know how. Its the suthun way to MAKE one of them new fangled big flat screen TV's.
Pohtry in Moshun, ain't it? Ok so its not in motion, but you can see how nice it looks, right? (A true suthunah will note immediately the NASCAR clock on the shelves.)

But let's see what Suthun Engineering means to the suthunah. Is this really a NEW flat screen? Let's walk around and look at the back of that wall, shall we?
Beauty. You can see true suthin engineering in this shot as the engineer didn't care that the door to this room no longer opens fully, so long as the big flat screen looked right on the other side.

I love the south. It's people like this who keep me awake on the way to work and who give character to the populace. Don't you wish YOU lived here?

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