Sunday, August 9, 2009

What the HECK is that THANG??

Recently, we had an office party. We dont' have them very often, so when we do it's a pretty big thing. One of the interesting NEW items in this party was the inclusion of the "Goodie Bag." The first 20 people (our office has about 80 locally) received this nifty goodie bag, in which you found a Country CD (meh, I'm not into country) a Hunting Bumper Sticker, a Hunting Can Cozy, a Fisherman's Towel (See the pattern here) AND finally.. (cue music) THIS THING:
Here's another picture of it.

As any good reader will know, I am not big on hunting, even if I do own a nice huntin rifle. So I turned to my office mates to ask what this was. I work in Tech. If I had pulled a part from a 10 year old laptop, I might have gotten a better response, but mostly I got: 'Well, Huh...' So, what is it? It must have to do with hunting, right? I mean why else would the Tennessee Hunters Ed use it if it wasn't? And then it's not like it is so easily recognizable as something else either. You know, like this:

Ok, what is it? (No, not the yellow adapter, I know that that is...even if my strained attempt at photoshop could have been better) What is that orange thing used for? We stood around my office doing impersonations of Steve Martin and Bill Murray's SNL skit "WHAT the HECK is that?" None of us wanted to ask the person or persons unknown who donated the junk-uh...I mean wonderous item; but we really do want to know. "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THANG?"

I'll give a hearty shout out to the first person who can CORRECTLY identify this wonderous item, or at least come up with a better use than "land fill."

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