Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Suthun Thinking - The State Sale

The weather has turned warm (very warm) and the short (very short) 2 weeks spring season has come and gone.  Summer is upon the South and it's time for that most honored of  summer activities, Yard Sale-ing.  My wife and I love to hit the yard sales when we've got a few bucks and are lucky to find yard sales up in our area.  Not a long drive.  Great deals too.  It's a great day when first thing on the weekend we find signs pointing us to those aforementioned yard and garage sales. 

Now, that said, you can imagine my interest when this sign popped up in our neighborhood just the other day.  I asked my wife if she was interested and she said it was so late in the day already that we'd probably only find the leftovers, like New Jersey.  I'll wait while you catch your breath. Yeah, a good joke that.  

One of the things that sets Suthunas aside from other folks is their natural ability to confuse things and yet at the same time make themselves understood.  I mean, it's obvious that no one is selling states.  (Yes, the economy is bad,  but I've not seen any states actually for least not yet.)  So, you can guess that SOMETHING is for sale, and maybe you ought to swing on by and see what it is. Thus, the sign has done its job. Confusing, yet effective.

Now, let's see, where is this odd State being sold?  The wooden piece at the top appears to be pointing to the right, but the small arrow drawn on the poster points left.  See what I mean? Just enough confusion to get  your interest up. Nicely done, Suh, nicely done.  

What do you suppose you'll find being sold?  Only some old clothes and furniture?  No States?  Ok.  Good thing we checked.  

Next time you're in the South, be sure to bring extra cash and take home a state or two yourself.  And, if you live in New Jersey, or some other left over state...sorry bout that joke there...we's jes' funnin...

I don't know why I wrote that, I don't talk like that.  At all.  Ever.  

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