Monday, February 8, 2010

Gotta Get your Suthun Priorities Straight

Suthunaz, unlike other parts of the country and yes, even the world, know how to put their priorities in order. This picture seems to show it perfectly.

There are a lot of areas in the South which are flooded every year, but I'm not talking about the flood. Floods are terrible and even in the most rainy season, unexpected and I have great empathy and compassion for those affected by such disasters. It's the single glimpse into the make up of the Suthun man (and woman) which makes this important.

This Suthun gentleman has got his priorities straight in saving what's important. He's got his wife (could be his girlfriend, since we don't see a wedding ring on that left hand, but we all know that means nothing...) He's got her up on what looks to be a piece of Styrofoam for insulation and he's taking care of the navigation in what we can assume is about 4 feet of flood water.

But most importantly, we see that he's got their most valuable items. That's right, the beer. Yes, saved from the ravages of the flood and from looters who've been known to steal valuable items from the most humble of residences, a full complement of cans of non-light beer. Oh yes, we can also see a Mountain Dew (a favorite sodie pop second only to RC Cola) and a few cans of some energy drink there at the back, but the beer there in front, in the place of honor, is protected and safe.

A man's got to have his priorities straight. I think Clint Eastwood said that, didn't he?

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